Thursday, 2 April 2009

Settling in, but ......

We were getting quite settled in to our new house and life. Maia has settled in really well at Kindy and Cassia and I are going to a few playgroups in town. Craig is really enjoying his course, Furniture Making and Design, and has already bought back an awesome coffee table! I have been working my way through the things I want too, especially ticking off some of my 37 Things. Now you just know there's a but coming don't you?! And you would be right - the girls and I are heading back to the UK on Sunday!
Pretty big 'but' eh? I always knew there would be a trip back at some stage this year but I wasn't planning it quite so soon. However, due to family reasons we're going back now. The plan is for 4 weeks in the UK - but as they say plans are made to be broken - so we're not setting anything in concrete just now. Craig is staying in NZ so it goes without saying that we are all going to miss him terribly - Maia has already had a fair few upset moments when she thinks about her daddy not coming too. It's at those times that my heart strings get pulled so tight I think they are going to snap. I want my life to be here in NZ but my extended family is in the UK so life is never going to be plain sailing. Then you add in illness and it becomes something of a rollercoaster.
So in a nutshell there's an update! Wishing you all the best and a very happy Easter. x