Thursday, 26 February 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday I turned 37.

Below is a list of things I would like to achieve/start/get done in the next year. I kind of missed out on the whole New Year's Resolution thing and since arriving in NZ certain things have been in limbo until we knew where we were living - so here goes (there's 37 of them by the way!).

In no particular order:

  1. start a compost heap
  2. produce great compost to spread liberally in our garden (see below)
  3. start work on our garden - ie plant some border trees/shrubs and flowers
  4. make a vege garden
  5. make a herb garden
  6. organise a worm farm
  7. learn something just for me
  8. take long walks on the beach
  9. ride a horse
  10. write good old fashioned letters
  11. make a knitting nancy for the girls (and maybe a little bit for me too!)
  12. investigate the viability/financial outlay of solar panels
  13. investigate the viability/financial outlay of domestic wind turbines
  14. source some used coffee sacks
  15. surround myself with pretty things
  16. wear something 'non-functional' every day
  17. have a hair cut - in fact have a major overhaul
  18. get some new glasses/contacts
  19. make curtains for the new house - especially bedrooms we went through the whole of the last UK winter with none!
  20. go to the cinema/theatre
  21. play sport regularly
  22. do some volunteer work
  23. keep in touch with friends
  24. make new friends in our new town
  25. share a bottle of wine with Craig
  26. go kayaking
  27. grow flowers to cut and put in the house
  28. find out the possibility of being a puppy walker for a Guide Dog
  29. make an item of clothing for me - and actually wear it
  30. find great things at op shops
  31. make a dent in the stash of material I've already found
  32. visit a lighthouse
  33. don't buy things new until I have exhausted all other options
  34. cut down my car use
  35. overhaul the bike and use it
  36. read, read and read some more
  37. drink great coffee in great places

I've taken a lot of inspiration from the blogs I have read over these past few months and the above is really a way of consolidating my thoughts and putting down on paper (well virtual paper) how I'd like to live my life. Phew - I've an exhausting year ahead! x


Claire said...

Ahhh happy birthday to you! You can write some lovely long letters to me if you like! Hope you had a great day - I was 30 last week and it kinda sucks :( xxx

sweetp said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Can I help you on the worm farm one?

We have one and its excellent plus its ready to go with worms. Much easier than having to get all the bits and then find someone who has worms you can steal.

Julie said...

Happy Birthday Abi, wow that is some list...good luck!!! Hey we are the same age, maybe I already knew that, my memory is sooooo bad at the moment. I actually thought that I was 38 until a conversation with a friend yesterday made me reaslise that no...I was actually 'only' 37. Obviously now that I am a whole year younger than I thought I am feeling all youthfull and refreshed. Hmmmm well perhaps I would be if my little darling daughter did not wake up 6 times a night!!!! Looking forward to seeing you tick things of your list! X
ps. I think that you forgot to put a trip to Christchurch on the list!

little grubs said...

Thanks for that sweetp. This was actually the first thing I was going to organise and I found yesterday afternoon. Worms are on their way!

Julie - I certainly do want to come to ChCh, however if I put down everything and everywhere I would like to see/do in NZ the list would be even longer!

Heart Felt said...

Sorry.....a late Happy Birthday, hope you had a great day and that you succeed in all those goals! xx

Claire said...

Belated Happy Birthday from me too. Hope you had a wonderful day, and that is a great list, I may borrow some of those ideas if you don't mind. I especially like the "wear something non-functional"!