Tuesday, 3 August 2010

What's for dinner tonight?

Gingered Beef with Bay a recipe from the Ultimate Slow Cooker book by Sara Lewis

Much as I hate frying beef and onions at 8 o'clock in the morning when it comes to the middle of the afternoon I LOVE the fact that dinner is done, quietly cooking away and will be ready as needed.  I had thought I would do some ginger egg fried rice with it, with the rice leftover from last night's tea, but as it's been cooking today I realise that, although there is a lot of ginger, the dish is more meditteranean with the bay leaves and balsamic vinegar.  Maybe couscous, maybe jacket potatoes?  Both easy and effortless!

The crock pot came out of the garage last week and I have been busily looking for recipes.  The local library had about dozen books on the subject, of which 8 now sit on my unit!  I wasn't aware of crock pots, aka slow cookers, until I came to New Zealand and my repertoire is somewhat small.  I plan to try out a few of the delicious sounding recipes over the coming weeks and hopefully there'll be some winners in there.

And for pudding?

Fruit and greek yoghurt topped with homemade granola - yum!!!!

What are you and yours having to eat tonight? x


Christina said...

Yum! That sounds delicious. I've had a slow cooker for a while now but I haven't really found any recipes that come out tasty - they all taste bland and kind of the same whatever you put in. Didn't even think to look at the library though. Very good idea. :)

Kelly said...

mmm Yummmy! We are having steamed vegies and spicy polenta wedges, which I havent made before. I love my slow cooker but I hardly ever use it these days, we only eat meat once a week or so, and I haven't looked around for vegie recipes for it.

Claire said...

Oooh, rice pudding in the slow cooker is lovely, and I have a great recipe for apple chutney, as well as vegetable soup.

Hope you all enjoyed your tea.