Sunday, 11 July 2010

A few days away ...

We went away to the beach for a couple of nights last week.  I don't have many photos because the battery on my camera ran out but I do have lovely memories!

We had tea out the first night there which is a rare occurrence and so was wonderful!

Candle lit concerts by the children by the fireside

A walk along the beach into the southerly which could almost hold me up

No TV, no mobile and no computer

Op shopping in old and new stores and finding an absolute treasure - more on that later

A husband who did all the dishes

Being read to in the evening whilst crocheting - something I would truly recommend!

I didn't really want to come home which is quite good really because we're going back again tomorrow!!  Why did we come home?  Because I had some work to do.  Work.  Proper work.  Consisting of sewing.  For someone.  All very exciting and I'll let you know soon.

Hope you all had a great weekend. x


Neetz said...

wow! That all sounds so wonderful! Great that you're enjoying it and not longing for "technology" etc. It's good to really chill out like that sometimes huh? Have a great time and looking forward to hearing more on your return!

angelina said...

hey its nice to put a face to the person i've been chatting with! good to 'see you' on here. i agree, we never get to go out to tea, so its a really big special thing when we do... hope you're having a wonderful weekend..

Ange said...

Oh hurrah!! A few days away this week was my plan, too, but work got in the way and I'm left rather envious of you for making it. Also for the dishes resource. Wicked.

Gina said...

Awww, look at you - you're a spunk! Glad to put a face to the blog finally Abi. Your time away sounds perfect.

Lola Nova said...

Sounds wonderful! I do believe that we need to get away from it all every once and a while to rejuvenate the soul.

Plain and Joyful Living said...

Being read to while knitting sounds perfect. Your squares look great.