Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Australian Damper Bread

Thank you to all of you who left a comment on my last post.  It's been really interesting to read what people are doing in their daily lives.   I'm going to make the products tonight so will keep you posted.

I got this book out from the library on the weekend and it's full of delicious sounding breads - all without yeast so without all the waiting.  Yeah, yeah I know that 'proper' bread making is great (having only recently discovered how to do it I have to admit I do love it) but these are breads you don't have to think about in advance.

The Australian Damper Bread caught my eye yesterday and it was the only recipe for which everything was in the house (not that hard really because it was only flour, salt and butter!!!).

Unfortunately we didn't have any prawns on hand to throw on the barbie!  I made the cheese version and it was delicious!!!

From page to bowl to oven to table in 40 minutes - wonderful.  It tasted great on its own and then with blueberry relish but would be really great with a chunky soup. x


angelina said...

hi abi! i like anythiing that cooks up 'quick'. i have actually been wondering if too much yeast bread isnt so good for us, as i bake lots of it. do you know? ...on your earlier post, i am excited for you on the laundry powder! something i'd like to do eventually too. and thanks for the shoutout about my deoderent...(which is working a charm one month into~!)xx

The Beehive said...

Mmmm, that Australian damper bread looks amazing. Really light and fluffy - are you able to perhaps put up the recipe - or email it to me please?
Thanks !