Wednesday, 15 October 2008

A very happy, if somewhat spotty, birthday ...

Cassia turned 2 today and if there's anything I've learnt since having children is that plans are made to be broken! A family birthday tea party was planned but her big sister has chicken pox so just the 4 of us had a lovely day instead.

A Sunday afternoon of family art produced this lovely banner

Hollering down 'her' phone whilst Daddy was on the phone to her uncle in NZ

What to do when plans are sent awry? Decorate biscuits!

After much playing, lots of jigsaws and some art the birthday girl slept soundly - 3 hours later than normal naptime - and then only for 20 minutes!

Birthday crowns made earlier in the day

The birthday cake! Now how much guilt did I feel that Cassia didn't have a homemade birthday cake?!!! We'd been up during the night with Maia for the previous few nights, most of the baking things are packed and I decided to take the easy way out - much better for me so why did I feel so bad?!! I couldn't leave it totally shop bought so Maia and I made it into a caterpillar.

Making her birthday wishes

Shop bought or handmade? It certainly looks like Cassia enjoyed it to me!


sweetp said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!
Hope recovery from CP is quick! xx

Jem said...

Awww HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your little one.
I love the birthday banner, what a great idea. I might have to try that myself ;0)

Julie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CASSIA........ Looks like she had a lovely day and who cares if the cake is shop bought. I will let you into a little secret, I ALWAYS buy my sponge cake from the shop then chop it and shape it and ice and decorate.....a cheats homemade cake. I think that your caterpillar is gorgeous! I love those birthday crowns too. X