Saturday, 4 October 2008

The good, the bad and the ugly ...

The good - I realised that I had never shown this although it was finished in July! I first blogged about it here and said I needed to make some contrasting tops and bottoms. Well here's one finished and as for the other? Well Cassia just wears the floral dress on its own!

The bad - I started this tanktop all the way back here and finally decided to do the front the other night. I was just going to rejoin the yarn to finish the last shoulder and held it against the back. Aaaaarrrghhhh I had done it wrong - all the way back to the shaping of the armhole! I guess I will unpick it one day but until then it will sit languishing in my knitting bag!

The ugly - I thought I'd make something for Cassia a while back and decided on a named wall hanging. So I was happy with the fabric square, I was also happy once I'd sewn on the letters of her name and then it all went down hill. I didn't really have the right material for the backing or binding but just wanted to get it finished so 'made do'. Why did I do it? I was working on it knowing that I wouldn't like the result but continued anyway. It's all out of square, the binding was atrocious and it's been stuck under a pile of fabric since it was finished! Lessons to be learnt - 1) be patient 2) sometimes you can make do and somtimes you just can't!

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Becks said...

I kind of like the wall plaque. The irregularity adds to its charm I think. Such lovely things you have made.