Saturday, 4 July 2009

Crocheted winter warmers

Obviously Cassia wasn't really in the mood to model - you're supposed to be looking at her feet not her bum!

Here's a slightly better shot:

Though why I made them in grey and blue - I don't know! Maia then wanted a pair so I made some in much more respectable girly colours of purple and pink, and she was a much more willing model!

I guess this is why I will always favour crochet over knitting - because I know what I'm doing! I can alter patterns, I can size patterns up and down, I can even make up my own patterns and when something goes wrong I know how to put it right. I know I could learn to do all this with knitting but right now it seems a step too far.
And finally, some winter warmers for Cassia.

We have one child scarf in the house and it gets argued over almost daily so I thought it was high time to make Cassia her own. However Cassia has (how shall I put it nicely?) a bloody clumsy streak so I thought a neck warmer as opposed to a full length scarf would suit her better. A quick and easy double crochet neck warmer with a button hole and wooden button from my stash. But it was just calling out for a companion so a matching hat was called for!

And just so that you can see the set properly:

Hope you are all having a great weekend. x


Ange said...

The clumsiness about shoes and zips and whatnot drive me nuts here, too. That neck warmer looks terrific!!

sweetp said...

Oh I love the colours in this set. Gorgeous and so is your sweet model x

Nikki Cardigan said...

What gorgeous things you have made your children. And the photos are great... but how can you not look at that green bum!!! Very cute.

craftygirlwithruffle said...

Love the colours!