Wednesday, 22 July 2009

The results of a busy Sunday ...

On Sunday we had a very quiet stay at home day and I got lots achieved - playing, cleaning, baking, mending and sewing. I made a start on a puff patchwork blanket, my eldest WIP, and did some bits and pieces for the children. I found two pretty ballerina skirts in the ardrobe when I was at home and claimed them! Even though they had never been worn the elastic had deteriorated so I replaced it and have two happy little fairies/ballerinas (they're so quick I don't have a photo yet!). And to go with the skirts some fairy leggings.

Fairy leggings? I bought both girls 4 pairs of tights last winter in the UK and they were worn A LOT. They came back with me from the most recent trip and have been worn this NZ winter. That's a lot of wear and I could only darn the toes so many times before they really became unwearable. But it was only the toes that were worn through so I thought I'd try and make leggings. I cut the feet off just above the heel shaping and did a plain zig-zag around the raw edge. The unexpected result? A lovely lettuce edge which gave rise to fairy leggings!

And if you think that you've seen this bum before somewhere else you would be right - here!
And for the easiest refashion in the world? Take one pair of pyjama bottoms that are too small for your youngest (even if she didn't have them pulled all the way up her tummy like an old man!)

and put a little trim from your stash around the bottom and hey presto you have a pair of summer pedal pushers for your eldest. So is this refashion? Upcycle? Recycle? Or just a good old hand me down - or hand me up in this case.

I do apologise for the pictures but they do look quite nice in real life!
I also turned the stitching which could be seen here into a bookmark.

It's for my mum for her birthday so features Maia's drawing of Nannan and a balloon. I backed it with a very simple patchwork piece. The pink sawn fabric I had as a child and the pink fabric on the ends was some leftovers from the first blanket I made Maia.

Don't you love how you can add some history and personalise homemade items? x


Gina said...

Oh, I l.o.v.e. it all! Especially that bookmark. I really can't wait for my boys to be old enough move beyond straight lines and scribbles, so I can do this with one of their drawings. (Must resist urge to fake a kiddy drawing!!)
And as for your littlest grub, she is really so sweet looking. Nice work.

Pom Pom said...

You are so clever and resourceful! Inspiring!

Pippa said...

I love that bookmark, what a good idea!! The leggings are great too, it's making me look at the children's old clothes in a new light!!

Becks said...

I love the bookmark. Will have to get the boys going with the pencils tomorrow....

louisalowry said...

Wonderful work! I recycled all my blondie's tights into dancing leggings the same way - great under a leotard for those cold mornings - the young ones always start their classes the earliest.