Monday, 6 July 2009

Curtains, curtains and a little something else

So these are what I spent all day yesterday making and they kept us nice and cosy last night.

After much messing around with this material here I decided that I would just have to go out and buy some curtain material. I have been looking for second hand curtains or suitable material since February and it's just not turning up! So I went to Spotlight, they had 20% off everything last week, and I bought the fabric for the lounge and our bedroom. It's not really what I wanted but then I figured that sometimes you have to compromise on your principles, and if that compromise is going to keep you warm and keep you sane then it must be worth it right?!

Craig was working on his parents' new house today and his Mum said that she'd have the girls so I have had a whole day to myself (they left at 7am and they're not back yet - 6.30pm!). I decamped to the kitchen and set about making curtains for our bedroom.

There's 1 large window and 2 small, high windows so I concentrated on the small ones today. American Idiot by Green Day got me through the cutting and side hems. The Offspring/Ixnay on the Hombre took me to fully hemmed and ready to have the pleats in.

The music then went off whilst I concentrated on getting the pleats right. One of they things I dislike about making curtains is the amount of pinning required so I was very pleased today that I didn't use one pin until this stage!

Once the pleats are sewn they are stuffed and then pin hooks put in. Ta da!!! Two pairs of finshed curtains - by 12.15pm. How much can you get done when you don't have two hinderers, sorry helpers, with you?!!!!

Sorry no pics of them up and in place but there's no curtain poles up yet. I could have put them up but Craig had all the tools with him so that's a nice job for him tomorrow!!!
And now for something completely different! The idea is from Creative Family by Amanda Soule and I love how it's turned out. Maia drew straight onto the fabric and then I stitched around it. I think it will become a small pillow for Maia's bed. Lots more of these planned - just got to get Maia drawing.


gardenmama said...

Ahhh crafting alone time!
I love the embroidered drawings, so sweet!

nocton4 said...

wonderful blog Mama, lovely catching up with you xxx