Thursday, 6 May 2010

It's all about quilts ...

I took a night class in patchwork and quilting at the end of last year and I am now officially addicted!  How do I know?  Well last week we had a get together of the class at the tutor's house to see what we had done and to continue sewing.  I jokingly said asked the tutor how many quilts she had on the go (Answer: she couldn't quite remember!) but then realised the joke was on me when I counted up patchwork/quilting projects I have on the go (not even mentioning those I have in my head!).  Answer: 7 (and I only started in October!).

So this week I have been doing a lot on the quilting front.

I was lucky enough to sneak a place on the ANZAC Bee, run by the lovely Amy over at Seven Stitches, after someone had to drop out and so these are the blocks for Margaret.  They are going to be made into a Paintbox Quilt inspired by this one over at Oh, Fransson!  So now I have another one to add to that list in my head!

Having enjoyed my first two months of the ANZAC Bee so much  I felt I needed to join another one.  I was  happy to spot another Aussie/Kiwi alliance run by Jo at Sparkly Green Knickers (don't you just love that name?!) and so the Australasian Bee was formed.  Last month Viv set us this challenge and having made my blocks for her I was keen to make some for myself.  So a variation on a theme resulted in:

One is destined to become a wall hanging and the other cushion cover.  Pretty cute eh?  

So lots done but obviously none of the aforementioned quilt projects!  Well I have now got one of them crossed of my list.

I was browsing the web one day (as we are all prone to do) and saw this tutorial for a crazy nine-patch on Oh, Fransson!  I had to give it a go and I had to give it a go there and then.  The top was cut and pieced in a couple of hours and then sat on the shelf until this week.  The end result:

This is only the second piece I've quilted so I was pretty pleased with it.  You can see it's got a border on it because I didn't quite measure the initial square quite right and I've just done outline quilting along the seams and then echoes the triangular shape of the pieced blocks on the plain blocks.  I love the way the original is quilted all over but I thought if I was going to get it finished at any stage this year then it would have to be straight lines!

1 down 6 more to go - watch this space!! x


ms lottie said...

Oooo, Looks great! I've got some of those fabric co-ordinates, but they're still sitting in my stash being oogled.

Pippa said...

Lovely to see your blog back! The quilts are beautiful. I'm slowly getting into quilting too, it's just so amazing to see a totally new fabric emerging from the little pieces of others! I think the little pieces with the hand-prints in the middle are wonderful and would love to try this. I'm sure my lot could be persuaded to put their mitts into gloopy fabric paint for me!!

Lien said...

well done great work. I love the one with the little hands. It super!!!

Anonymous said...

Pretty! And you have benn bitten badly by the quilting bug havent you!