Sunday, 23 May 2010

Learning ...

it's well known that a lot of learning can occur through watching and imitation.  Well the proof is in the pudding!

My first hexagon flower in about 25 years!!!  I managed to make this whilst nursing Cassia through her tummy bug on Friday.  If I'm honest we had a lovely afternoon!  In the lounge, with the fire roaring and watching a film - with a bit of stitching for me it was great!

The following morning Maia made this:

A hexagon flower for Mum!

And, not to be outdone by her sister, Cassia then made this!

We've since 'sprouted' many more hexagon flowers at our house! x


ms lottie said...

Too cute! How many more of those hexagons are you planning to make? My mother in law found an almost finished hexagon quilt in an op shop - the most amazing retro fabrics - and there must be hundreds and hundreds of hexagons. She's almost finished it...

Becks said...

Cain just glimpsed your pics, pointed to the middle one and said he loves it. Asked why he said that it was flower with his favourite colours :-)
Well done girls for remembering mama's work and creating your own lovely hexagon flowers.

Pippa said...

I love the hexagon flowers!! I made a little hexagon patchwork dolly quilt for Eva a year ago, it was very satisfying, sewing the little hexagons into position an seeing the other patterns that they made. It's lovely also when you make something and then your children go and do their own interpretation of it. There can't really be any greater compliment than that can there.