Monday, 18 August 2008

Handmade with love

Oh my goodness it's been cold enough these last couple of mornings to have porridge for breakfast! Not that I mind having porridge, and it's great because the girls will eat it too, but I've found I'm really missing summer! When I lived in NZ I really missed the seasons. The climate in the Bay of Plenty means that although there is some leaf shedding and some emergence of daffodils there isn't the clear demarcation of the seasons - some of the trees may lose their leaves gradually from March to June but then some tress actually flower in the middle of winter. It was all very strange to a Midlands girl.

To keep me warm last night I put on a beautiful handknitted crdigan. When I was at my mum and dad's last week I found an arran cardigan which was knitted by my Nan. I think I had worn it before but then obviously thought it wasn't 'cool' enough to have. Well luckily for me my mum said I could have it - much better than being left to hang in a wardrobe don't you think? So there I was last night in my cardigan knitted by my Nan, using a vintage pattern book from my mum and crochetting a retro tanktop for Maia. It felt like a real connection with the past and the future - 4 generations involved in one simple act which had been and was being carried out with tremendous amounts of love - it left me feeling very peaceful inside and very thankful for the family I come from and that which I am building. xxx

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nocton4 said...

thats a beautiful post and funnily have one very similar floating round in my brain