Monday, 16 February 2009

maia :: dress

Take one dress with a very stubborn black stain:

and add some applique flowers and buttons:

The flowers were from an old pillowcase which I had already cut up to make this reversible tulip hat (the other side is made out of an old sheet), the buttons were in a button box received through Freecycle and the dress was kindly given by a friend whose little girl had outgrown it (minus the stain of course that is all my little girl's doing!).

I had planned on embroidering some stems and then putting a ribbon bow arould them but once I had them on and added a running stitch around the bodice line I thought enough was enough.

And one very reluctant model!


Heart Felt said...

Looks fantastic! Love the colour and your wee one looks so pretty in it! xx

Becks said...

That looks fab!
Great idea, bound to be borrowed soon here ;-)
Oh and welcome back to blogland.
I've just spent a lovely few minutes catching up xx

Jem said...

What a brilliant idea, it looks fabulous! XX