Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Second hand rose

I started visiting charity shops in earnest when I was a teenager and wanted different clothes to my peers. Well I certainly got that, in fact I found one when I was packing up to leave the UK - it was a 50s style hat with a huge bow on the front in bright yellow with white polka dots. When I saw it again I couldn't believe that I had actually worn it out but I remembered vividly each time that I did - and the comments I got! My visits for clothing waned however, I was always keen to grab a bargain.

It seems that this dormant nature has sprung back up to the fore. I have been in second hand heaven since arriving in NZ, although I think these days it's called pre-loved! By the very nature of moving to NZ with only suitcases we have been in need of a fair few things. We have everything packed up in storage in the UK but now are debating what will be shipped. Although I hate to admit it the things are mostly mine! Some things I know will have to come but others I now think won't.

Can you truly feel liberated about not having your sofa in your house? Now I know that sounds weird but I think we are. Shortly after we got married my mum and dad were changing their suite and offered us their old one. We snapped it up and I've loved it. We could never have afforded it and it has been shipped here once and then back to the UK again. However, it's pretty formal in its style and I now realise that we have decorated around the suite. Even sitting here typing that it sounds absurd but I do think it happened. Not consciously but looking back now I see that our lounges were of a 'style' - the lounge we have now certainly isn't.

For many reasons I have found that I am buying nearly everything second hand. In no particular order the reasons are:

  1. to save money
  2. to re-use/re-purpose what is already in circulation
  3. the quality of the goods can be far greater than modern day equivalents
  4. things have a used patina so no more 'wearing it in'
  5. to grab a bargain
  6. to buy things that you wouldn't necessarily buy at full price but which are 'pretty'
  7. to share in someone's history by loving their item once again
  8. knowing we have certain items back in the UK so why buy another - although we may need it here too
  9. and I guess best of all because it's fun!

So that I don't overdo this blog with all my fantastic finds I have, today, set up another one. Can you believe it - I hadn't even read a blog 8 months ago but it's pretty addictive and I guess I would like of record of what I've bought. I think that's kind of weird actually but hey ho! So if you fancy a nosey at To Be Loved Again it's over here. And if you come across any good thrifting blogs be sure to point me in their direction.

I've also managed to get my blocks finished for Monday and Tuesday (I've got to finish today's after this):

We're off to the beach for a few days tomorrow so hope you all have a great weekend.

PS I went back to Weightwatchers this evening and I've lost 1.7kg - I wasn't really too sure if that was good or not but when I converted it to pounds I was stoked - 3.8lbs!


Julie said...

Hi Abi, I was so pleased to see that you have returned to blogland!!!! I have had a bit of a blog break due to my friend visiting from the UK and spending far too much time sitting on the couch drinking cups of tea and chatting!!! I'm so glad that you have found somewhere lovely to live and it sounds as though there have been many changes in your life since we were last in touch. I have to say that I am a little disappointed that you have not settled closed to me in the South Island. I could have seriously done with your help on the crochet front, I tried to teach myself over Christmas, but found it quite difficult!!!! Right I am off to load some photo's and hopefully get a post written on my blog. It really is great to see you back, I have missed you..... X

Jem said...

Well done on the weightloss from a fellow bargain hunter XX