Friday, 29 May 2009

I can now knit ...

Now I know the photos aren't the best quality but I am soooo proud of these items I just had to share them with you. I did some knitting whilst I was in the UK so here goes!

A scarf - now I know that this must be one of the easiest, actually the easiest, thing to make but I love it. My mum had been given one ball of wool from a friend and I knitted it on lovely big chunky wooden needles. It took me two evenings and I've worn it so much. I can't believe how great it is to actually make something for yourself and wear it!

I then thought I needed a challenge so knitted a dishcloth!

The large heart does have a mistake in it but I really enjoyed following a pattern and knitting this. It was lovely knitting with my mum who helped me when I realised I'd made mistakes and showed me how to correct them.

And finally a shot of Maia this morning. She got herself ready for Kindy and proceeded to announce "I'm cool aren't I?"!!!!!


ina said...

Congratulations! Your scarf and dishcloth look great. Super job for starting to knit!
And your little one is adorable. :)

sweetp said...

They look great, welldone!!

Becks said...

Your dishcloth looks great, well done you. You look like you got the hang of it really quickly too!
And yes your litte girl does look totally cool.