Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Outside at last!

The rain stopped, the temperature increased, the sun came out and so did we!

The girls soaking up the sun! Have a peek in the carport and there's a blue floral sheet hanging out to dry. My $2 bargain today - destined to be a little girl's dress and some bag lining I think! We reused some beer crates from the tip as planter boxes for some little pohutukawas. I need to find some sacking to cover up the rather nasty black plastic which is lining them!

From our garden today. Unfortunately I don't like feijoas but Craig and the girls do so they are ploughing through them. Having said I don't like them the feijoa muffins I made last week were quite edible (in fact so edible I had 3!). The lemon tree is only small but is full of fruit at all different stages of ripening. I still get a huge kick out of being able to go into my garden and pick a lemon - there's not an abundance of lemon trees in the middle of England! So what to do with all the lemons? If anyone has a good lemon curd recipe then I would love to know - I think that would be a winner in this house. Many thanks.


Little Miss Flossy said...

I don't have a good lemon curd recipe but if you want another use for those feijoas, here's an awesome chocolate cake:

Lien said...

What a great planters do you have. I love the recycling bit and I cann't wait to see the little dress. I always made everything for the girls, but now they don't want it anymore. Sad :(