Monday, 25 May 2009

Out Trip Part 1 - Nature

We left a very mild autumn and arrived in a fully fledged spring! The snowdrops were well and truly over, the daffodils were almost past there best and the tulips were already standing proud.

I love the beautiful forget-me-nots and the girls seemed to aswell because they were in every posy they picked!

There were a fair few of these around already too!

Luckily I managed to catch Maia before she blew them all away into the garden - her Grandad wouldn't have been too pleased!

These little seedlings were popping up through the gravel on the drive under the large pine trees. They were absolutely beautiful - the outer curved leaves almost like a fortress around what will become the plant. The dew was still inside the structure but you can't really see it now the photos have been resized!

A glorious sunrise - one (maybe the only) advantage of having jetlag is being up before every else and savouring the day as it starts - totally unsullied by what is to come and full of promise.

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