Sunday, 24 May 2009

Will it ever come back......?!!!!

This was the sky on the day we left. What has happened to it whilst we've been away? Are we ever going to see it again?

We returned to NZ 2 weeks ago and have settled back in nicely. The girls readjusted quicker than I but then they are remarkably resilient creatures! The trip was good - the girls were amazing. On both legs of the journey they didn't whinge, grizzle or cry once. Whoops that's a lie -Maia did when we dotted down at Auckland from Palmerston North and I elbowed her in the temple whilst putting on my rucksack but I'd say that was understandable!

We've gots lots of photos to share and news to tell but I thought I'd do a quick post first to get back into it. It's funny how quickly you get out of posting or even reading blogs so I've a lot of catching up to do. Looking forward to reading all the recent posts of those blogs I follow and maybe having the time to dip into some others. Here's hoping I can get some blogging mojo happening! x


Jacoline (Lien) said...

welcome back, hope everything went well. We had some terrible weather isn't it. But it was good craft weather!

sweetp said...

Nice to see you back xx

lovestitches said...

It's a shock to the system changing seasons so suddenly. You can kiss that blue goodbye until November! I'm almost tempted to make it my wallpaper so I don't forget what it looks like!

Julie said...

Hi Abi, glad to hear that you are back home safe and sound. I know, isn't the weather awful!!!! It hasn't stopped raining here for ages and we are all getting serious cabin fever.
Glad to have you back in Blogland, hope that everything went well for you back in the UK...X