Sunday, 31 May 2009


Yesterday's post got me thinking about the number of curtains I have actually made, so whilst in the shower this morning I totted them up. Which set me thinking on the number of times we've moved and the houses we've lived in. Here's the answers!

No of curtains made: 44 pairs

No of houses I've lived in: 29 (plus a 1963 split screen VW Kombi - now that was cool!)

No of times I've moved: 40 (I've moved out of and into some houses several times - but that's another story!)

No of times we've bought and sold houses: 12

No of times we've moved since children: 13 (Maia is 4y 9m and Cassia is 2y 8m!) so I felt some empathy towards Gabes when she posted this

No of boxes I've packed: too numerous to count

No of items broken whilst moving: 5 - that must be something of a miracle

No of hours spent packing/unpacking/setting up house/contacting utility companies etc: ENDLESS

So you would kind of think that we'd be over the whole house/moving thing. Well long haul travel has unsettled me somewhat and I saw an awesome building in the local paper this week. It was in Dannevirke and seeing as we've never been to Dannevirke I thought it was worth the drive, and as we were driving there I thought it was worth having a look at!

You can see it here if you like - isn't it fabulous!!!

I then spent last night trawling the internet for other buildings like it - and there's one almost exactly the same in Stratford, click here, the pretty cool Waitomo Times building in Te Kuiti and this awesome building from a bygone era in Temuka. The bad thing is that Craig's as bad as I am so neither of us reins the other in - in fact we kind of egg each other on!!!

On more normal matters I've a couple of thank yous. First to Little Miss Flossy for pointing me to this page, recipes for feijoas (and don't you just love the name of the blog Thinking About Food - I find I'm doing that all the time at the moment!). We were going to bake the cake yesterday and then I realised that I didn't have the sour cream but my family certainly enjoyed the apple and feijoa crumble I made for them on Friday night. Also thanks to Kylie, who I came across last night by following the Sew Mama Sew giveaway(which I found out about from reading Craftykin - this blog reading/following/seeing where you end sure is addictive!), who pointed me here to see just what you can do with selvedges. Awesome but I think the dress may be a step too far for me!


Anonymous said...

Wasn't that Dannevirke building the short lived brothel? It looks pretty cool anyway, it could be a cool little B&B with a little work. And wow, I thought I moved around!

Kylie said...

Thanks for mentioning me in your blog! It sounds to me like you can do anything you set your mind to babe! Hmm, an ex-brothel... history and personality - a winning combination?! :) K