Monday, 29 June 2009


The little grubs definition of peacefulness:

a few days away at the beach with no phone, no mobile reception, no computer and no TV - absolute bliss!

The little grubs definition of frustration:

wanting to work on the garden (I know I should be planting garlic and strawberries already) but being faced with this:

Probably more frustrating is having actually cleared some beds and planted some lavender only to find it looking like this:

The little grubs definition of delicious:
handmade granola atop stewed apple with greek yoghurt - yum!

For the definition of craftstipation click here!


Gina said...

Want to post that granola recipe? I'd love to make it. Looks DElicious.

Gina said...

Oh, you're sweet, and love it that my theme links in!!

lovestitches said...

Oh urgghh your poor garden! How are we supposed to plant strawberries in this weather?
I love the definition of peacefulness but I suspect Dave would literally curl up and die with no computer.

gardenmama said...

Ahh... your definition of peacefulness sounds just about right! Lovely post : )

Heart Felt said...

I'm the same - still haven't planted the garlic - rain every weekend for weeks it feels. Great posting - your granola looks really nice. x

Lien said...

Your granola looks so good!!
The sun will come soon so you can go out into the garden.

Claire said...

How about a rice paddy instead?