Saturday, 6 June 2009

I did it!

I got the Mary Jane slippers finished last night. Hurray - a project started and finished in one day! Although as you can see they're not quite symmetrical!

The pattern didn't say how much yarn to use so I thought that one ball of each would be plenty (in fact I was already planning what I was going to make with what was left!) - obviously it wasn't! However, they are finished and kept my feet lovely and warm last night. I actually changed the finishing and closure on the second so I guess at some stage I'll undo them and get two slippers the same. However, last night I really wanted to prove to myself that I could do a project in a day because I have way too many unfinished things laying around. In fact tomorrow I'm going to join Gabes from sweetp knits in her June is for finishing and sort out all my WIP and try to work through those before starting anything else! x


Lien said...

clever girl. they look great and warm and that is what we need .
Well done and nice colours.

Becks said...

Lovely slippers.
How strange that I suddenly decided yesterday that I simply had to finish all my WIP's. Although could possibly be the nesting instinct kicking in lol.

Heart Felt said...

They look beautiful, love the colours. If you have time I have tagged you for a meme. xx