Friday, 5 June 2009

I'm so happy ...

that I thought I'd do two posts in one day!
I'm feeling a bit better today (many thanks for all the good wishes) and so wanted to do something crafty. I've been getting withdrawal symptoms - all this blog hopping and insipration has been great but not being able to do anything has been really hard. On my travels I found this pattern for Mary Jane slippers and thought they'd be perfect for today. I still have that kind of head that if you lean forward it feels like it's going to explode so a bit of gently crocheting on the sofa seemed a good idea.
Pattern - sorted

Wool - I don't have a big wool stash so Cassia and I ventured into town for some (and a coffee!)

Result - see below!

The button's not exactly the one I'd have chosen but I had it and it's now sewn on (as opposed to waiting for the perfect button and the slippers taking residence in a box/cupboard/under my sewing table until kingdon come!). Now the eagle eyed of you out there will notice that there is only one slipper - you're right! OK I know I may be a bit premature in posting about something which I'm so happy about because it all came together in a day but I know I can start and finish the right foot today. Check back tomorrow to see if I've succeeded in my challenge! x

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Julie said...

Hi Abi, just having a catch up on your blog... Glad to see that you are feeling a bit better! I love your mary jane slipper, it's so cool and as ever I am in complete awe of your crochet skills. Loved all your op shop finds as well, how great having a sale!!!! I popped into our local Sallies the other day and they seem to have put there prices up AGAIN... I know it is charity, but they were charging $20 for some things and a little doll I spotted was $10, ridiculous!!!

If you are still on the lookout for a pen pal, then Talia would LOVE the job. Again she can't really write, but I can help and she loves to draw. Talia is constantly posting little letters full of sparkly bits and bobs to our next door neighbours..... Also they are both the same age so it would be perfect!! Have you still got my email, let me know your address. Such a great idea!! Have a FAB weekend.. X