Tuesday, 2 June 2009

It was inevitable really ....

Maia caught a cold shortly after we returned from the UK.
She very generously gave it to her Dad a few days later.
Cassia was next in line, although her's was a lot worse than her sister's and her Dad's.
Cassia was getting better at the end of last week and I thought we could start June out and about.
This morning, of course, I wake up with it!
If I have what Cassia had I now know why she was so ill and grumpy - isn't hindsight wonderful?
So here starts the 4th week of sickness in our house - aaaarrrrghhhhhhh!


Julie said...

Oh poor you, hope that you feel better soon. Arghhhh winter, my kids have had coughs and runny noses for weeks now and this morning I too awoke with a sore throat. How long is it till summer again???? Sending hugs and healthy, happy, healing vibes your way! X

Heart Felt said...

You poor thing.....first time ever in 13 years Ian and both got colds at the same time....soldier on and keep warm...xx

Cat J B said...

Kids and colds go together, don't they? My 1 yr old gave me a cold it took about 4 weeks to get rid of, and I lost my sense of tastes and smell too. Hope you're all better soon!

sweetp said...

Get better soon. We are house of sick also and it really is not fun eh? You'll be back on your feet in no time, keep warm x