Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Kiddies Activities

Lots of photos in this post!
We seem to have been busy, busy, busy lately so over the last few days I've made a point of doing kiddy things with the girls - and we've had a lot of fun.

Using these to draw on the patio (and the planters and the bench seats and the decking!):

Maia's pavement art. Don't you love how she signs her work?

She actually does this right at the start!

Then onto some painting:

When we were out that morning Cassia said that she'd like to do painting and hey presto in the Sallies was a canvas already painted black!!! Having seen Janelle's children painting on similar over at Heart Felt I bought it and Cassia produced this:

Next a bit of gluing and sticking (we cut out all the butterflies and insects when we were back in UK and bought them back with us!)

When Maia got back from Kindy she saw the paint and of course wanted a go! She made these two lovely cards for two little girls:

and today she wrote in them:

I'm off to my first Parent's Centre meeting tomorrow and we have to bring a plate so I thought we'd do some baking this afternoon. Delicious Ginger Crunch:

You can see there are some squares missing but as Maia says "We can't do the baking and then not have some, that's not really fair!" - luckily I agreed with her!


Heart Felt said...

What wonderful artists! Fantastic...xx

Ange said...

What busy achieve-niks you all are!! So nice ...

lovestitches said...

Maia is a wise one - signing her work at the start means that she obviously knows its going to be a masterpiece worth heaps of money one day and of course that baking comment...true wisdom that one.

Julie said...

What a fabulous creative household. While I was out last night Talia was bust drawing some pictures for her friend Maia and was keen to show them to me this morning. She made me promise that we could go to the post office after kindy today. Hopefully it will have stopped raining by then, the weather at the moment really sucks..... If so Maia should have her first letter from her new pen pal very soon.. X

gardenmama said...

Little Maia sounds like a doll!
Looks like a creative and fun day : )