Saturday, 14 March 2009

A cautionary tale about smugness ...

Yesterday I dusted the crockpot off. I don't particularly like making my tea first thing in the morning, there's just something about handling meat at that time of the day, but when it's all done and cooking I'm always pleased I've bothered. It also means that you can go out for the afternoon knowing that you'll be coming back to tea. Some days I find mid/late afternoon a really hard time to deal with. I'm tired, the children are tired, if arguments are going to happen it tends to be at that time if day.
So yesterday I suggested a walk at 3 o'clock. We had found a new duck pond earlier in the day so I thought I would get a few jobs done, we'd feed the ducks and we'd all be happy.
It was all going to plan. Walk done. Jobs done. Ducks fed. Then I thought why not go to the park aswell, I've nothing to rush home for. The girls raced ahead delighted at the prospect of playing in a new park. I meandered slowly behind drinking in the sunny afternoon, thinking I really should have bought some crochet to do whilst the girls played. I found a seat and sat down feeling, yes you guessed it, very smug - it was one of those rare 'all's right with the world' moments.
Then I noticed that Maia had already been up and down the slide 3 times whilst Cassia was just standing at the top. "Cass, what's wrong honey?" "Done wees." Now sometimes this means 'I need to do a wee' and sometimes it actually means 'I have done a wee'. I went to look and there was a lovely puddle, wet trousers, knickers, shoes - the whole caboodle. I hadn't taken a change of clothes - the bubble was well and truly burst!

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