Wednesday, 4 March 2009

You know you have a problem when ...

- you tell your little girls that we are going for a walk and the 4 year old says "To the Sallies Mum?"

- you say you have to pop out to get something and the same 4 year old says "Where from? The Sallies?"

- you come home with something new and that very astute 4 years old says "Where's that from?". You reply "Guess" and there first answer is "A garage sale" and when I say no their next answer is "The Sallies"!

- you are in town with both little girls and say you've just got one more place to go, when you say The Sallies both 2 and 4 year old whoop with delight and sing The Sallies all the way to the store!

- and probably most worrying, when you walk into town, switch on to auto pilot and find yourself outside The Sallies when you are supposed to be the other side of town!!!! (And yes that did happen this morning!)

1 comment:

Heart Felt said...

Love it! - people will start thinking who this "Sallie" person is and why you go there so often! x