Thursday, 5 March 2009

When I was little and I was ill I thought I could still do everything, even though my mum told me to rest and take it easy.
When I moved out of home and I was ill I knew I probably shouldn't go out but did anyway, reasoning that a few drinks would make me feel better!
I then began to really learn about my body and gain a greater understanding and respect for it. When my body was in pain it was trying to tell me something and if I just listened I could help myself regain good health. I got to the stage when I wouldn't take a painkiller at the first sign of pain, in fact I try not to take anything at all. Often times all the body needs is rest, relaxation, good food and lots of sleep. It's quite surprising that if you listen and respond appropriately at the outset of minor illness the length of illness can very often by curtailed.
Then I had children!!! They get bugs and inevitably pass them on to you (although I have to say a few times last winter everyone else got the cold but not me!). If you're lucky they are at the convalescing stage before you get it. Unfortunately this week we are all sick at the same time. Nothing serious just sore throats, colds and shivers but the very things I need and the children need, ie rest, relaxation, good food and lots of sleep, are hard to come by when two of the patients are at the stage of still thinking they can do everything!!!
In fact I felt somewhat like a 'bad mother' on Tuesday because I let Maia go back to Kindy due to the fact that when I kept her off on Monday the whole day was awful!!!!! We've even been walking into town because somehow it seems easier to cope with sick girls when we're doing things. But I know this isn't what our bodies really need and I know the recovery will take longer. I guess it's just one of the many compromises you make when you become a parent! On the bright side when they not 100% you do get a lot more cuddles and kisses! x

PS I had been looking forward to going to the Martinborough Fair on Saturday and although I know I'm not really up to it I may still go yet!


Julie said...

Oh no, hope that you all feel better soon!! We have all been through it too over here, but at different stages which is much easier to cope with.... Sending you big hugs, hope that you find some time to rest. J X

Jacoline (Lien) said...

You have to go to the fair, it is great. I've been there last month. You will feel better soon.

Amy said...

I hope you are feeling better and manage to make it to the fair. If only I'd read this a few days ago, I'd love to have you drop in for a cup of tea as you drive by.

Heart Felt said...

Hope you are feeling better, did you make it to the fair?