Thursday, 12 March 2009

Small celebrations and a giveaway ...

The world seems to be getting more crazy each day, in fact I don't really like to watch the news anymore because it seems like all there is is bad news and the bad seems to be getting worse than ever, if you know what I mean!

So I have decided to celebrate the small things, I guess a way of counting your blessings. Here goes:

1) we started in our garden today and went from this:

to this:

with plenty of these:

"long worm mummy, looonnnnnngggg!"

"this is mummy worm, mummy"

one very relieved worm back in the soil!

with none of the threatened rain:

2) Cassia wet her knickers today, but on the wooden floor not on the new carpet!

3) What's better than finding one of these?

Finding two of them of course! And for only $3.50 each they were a fantastic buy for my little girls. I had thoughts of repainting them but that can wait because they like them just the way they are.

4) Having an idea and trying it and it works! I wanted to crochet an egg shape. When I googled it I came up with lots of patterns but they were for 3D eggs and I just wanted 2D so I took my heart pattern and figured out the rest. It only took 2 attempts and I had an egg shape! Hurray!

So that nicely leads on to the giveaway! This is my 100th post - wow I can't really believe it so let's celebrate. Leave a comment before Monday you can be in to win the giveaway. What is it? Well it's crocheted eggs of course! 7 different eggs made into a bunting - sorry no photo of it hanging - the light is fading and I was lucky to even get this one!


Claire said...

Ha ha ha - have you been visiting the Sallies again?! There must be tons of bargains - not like in the UK anymore. I think the eBayers get there first. Lovely worms too! xxx

sallyanne03 said...

What beautiful eggs! And such a lovely garden! Thanks for sharing the photos...I'm itching for warm weather (and no snow!) so I can get my hands in Mother Earth! Thanks again!

Becks said...

Hey love the eggs. But then your hearts are pretty special too ;-)
The chairs look like great finds, and when the girls get bored you can have some fun customising them.

Claire said...

So now isn't the time to tell Cassia that if you tickle worms they squirm and go all slimy?

Julie said...

Happy 100th and may there be many more!!!!! Don't worry about entering me into your giveaway as I was lucky enough to win the last one, so it's definitely someone else's turn. Talia still uses her lovely heart bag by the way... I think that I may have said it before, but I wish you lived close by I could seriously do with some crochet help!! It just baffles me, but I am determined not to give up..

Great chairs by the way, it is so FAb when you find a bargain. Have a fantastic day. X

Heart Felt said...

Congrats on your 100th post...those are big worms! xx

Amy said...

It looks like the Sallie army store is being very good to you. The eggs are wonderful too.