Monday, 9 March 2009

More post, including an invite ...

We're now all doing much better -many thanks for the good wishes! I managed to go to Martinborough Fair even though I should have known better. I took painkillers to get through the drive but it was worth it once I was there!

Last week was very bountiful in the post department, on Monday I posted about what was in the letter box, click here.

Then I received an invitation to a powhiri. I have decided to do a Maori language course, Te Ara Reo Maori (I know there should be accents on some of the vowels but I don't know how to do that on blogger yet!). It starts tomorrow but I was invited along today to be welcomed to Te Wananga o Aotearoa. I have always been fascinated by the Maori culture and so took the opportunity to go this morning with Cassia in tow. It was just amazing! I don't know all the correct words for the protocol yet so bear with me, but we were welcomed onto the site by two ladies 'singing' and a lady at the front of our group 'sang' back - the karanga. We were then walked through the campus to the karakia room (literal translation is prayer) with this interchange going on. It gave me goosebumps! When we entered the karakia room there were about 60 people welcoming us with the most amazing 'song'. I'm certainly not doing this justice it was spellbinding and spine chilling at the same time! I also did my first hongi - Cass was somewhat shy for hers. The course runs for the whole year and I attend one night a week but I believe there will be weekend workshops on a marae aswell. I am so excited by it all! I guess that this counts for number 7 on my list of 37 things - "Learn something just for me". No doubt I will be updating you as I progress.

On Wednesay I received this:

not something you usually see on an address label!!!!! Lots to tell you about here but will do another post.

I also received a lovely letter from one of my nieces with photos of the family from Christmas. It's always lovely to receive such letters and to physically have something to read and show the girls (as opposed to a computer screen!).

And last, but by no means least, I received a lovely little parcel from Janelle over at Heart Felt. I bought her Kiwiana patches on Trade Me and they are wonderful. Many thanks Janelle! I had thought that each of us girls would have one but now I've got them I WANT THEM ALL! Once I've decided what I'm going to do with them I'll let you know.

A tui in our feijoa tree - now I know they like native trees but I don't think that includes feijoas! These are really awesome birds with a very distinct call. We had one at the back of our house in Tauranga and it was great to know when it was nearby.

A fantail, also in the feijoa! I just LOVE these birds. I've only ever seen these birds whilst tramping in the bush. When we've done the Lake Papaitonga walk, just south of Levin, a couple have always followed us through the bush. I like to think of them as our little guardian angels, in truth they follow you to pick off the bugs/insects you disturb when walking!

And finally, a tiki. I love this imagery. There is an awesome big carved tiki in Te Papa which I seek out every time I go.
The feijoa was full of blossom and looks to be bearing a whole load of fruit - unfortunately I don't like the fruit so the girls and Craig can have their pick and then I guess the rest will be passed out at Kindy! If anyone's got a chutney recipe maybe I'd try it.


Julie said...

HI Abi, wow your Maori course sounds like it is going to be so much fun! I too have always been quite fascinated by the culture, I guess that it is as different to being British as you can get. Looking forward to hearing all about it!

I wanted to say a big thank you for the lovely comment that you left on my blog. It really meant a lot to me, it is good to know that other people have been there. At the moment Julian is sleeping in with kalem, but I think that I may get him involved in the settling down process as I am really just too tired at night to do it myself.

Thanks again for all the wonderful advice, glad to hear that you are all feeling better. Julie X

Heart Felt said...

So pleased you liked the fair and my patches.....can't wait to see what you will do with them! xx Good luck with the course...xx

Jacoline (Lien) said...

Good that you are feeling better, That you have been to the fair and started a course. And I like your birds, well done!!!

Anonymous said...

So it was you that bet me to Janelles patches!!