Monday, 2 March 2009

In the post today ...

Two sick little girls and one sleep deprived mother is not a recipe for a pleasant day however, what we found in the post box this morning has certainly bought a smile to my face.

The bottom two are for free coffee - which is always a delight in this house! One was from our local independent cinema, which is an awesome facility with big plush seats where you can take food and drink in. I haven't been yet but I got a voucher for it for Valentine's Day! I popped in the other day for a coffee whilst I was in town with Cassia and saw a customer survey form and thought I may aswell fill it in and be in with the chance to win a month's worth of movies. I didn't, but I got a lovely letter from the owner thanking me for filling out the form and enclosing a coffee voucher. My kind of lady and my kind of business! The other was just a flyer but it offers you a buy one get one free deal - and it's from a place we frequent regularly so yet again, awesome! Now the top letter is a first for us - a hand signed letter from a Member of Parliament. What a surprise it was to get a letter from Nathan Guy welcoming us to the district and hoping that he can be of service. Now we have moved around a lot and so have had our details changed on the Electoral Register many, many times both in the UK and over here and not once have we ever received a letter like this!
These lovely hand knitted socks were sent to me by my Mum for my birthday. Thanks Mum I just love them!
Receiving these today reminded me that I didn't show these lovely socks which I received just before Christmas back in the days when I was broadband-less! Way back here I bought some wool and sent it of to the lovely lady at A smile a day for a swap. Well when I got these I was stoked because I'd never had hand knitted socks before and I just love the colours. A very big thanks to you Denise.x

Lovely warm tootsies for winter - which by the temperature these last few mornings doesn't seem too far away!


Heart Felt said...

Hope everyone is feeling better the socks - you will need those soon! x

Julie said...

Hope the girls are feeling a bit better today. Great socks..... Winter certainly feels like it is on it's way here too. Brrr, today is freezing and yesterday was lovely and warm, good ole NZ weather hey!! Take care X

Jem said...

Mmm big fans of snuggly socks in this house too xx