Saturday, 26 July 2008

The amazing power of the body

Well it's Day 4 after Maia's surgery and she hasn't ceased to amaze me. Everything went well in theatre and I was told that once back from recovery most children sleep for an hour or so to get over the anaesthetic. Not my little girl - back from theatre at 9.10am and then up and out of bed by 9.30am! No matter what I said or tried to cajole or bribe her with she wasn't staying in the bed. She did not only amaze me but when the nurses and doctor saw her they couldn't believe it either. And that's how it's been since then. First night home she slept all the way through, apart from waking me up to tell me I had all the blanket! Last night not so good but in the day she's acting like she's not just had an operation. Very humbling in fact because I don't know many adults who'd be coping so well!!!
Cassia has also been amazing throughout this period. I have never been apart from her overnight and I'm still feeding her so I didn't know what would happen. She has a great relationship with her dad so I wasn't too worried, but it was still a relief to get a phone call the evening we were in hospital to say that she was fast asleep, and stayed that way all night. It's like she knew that something serious was going on and was on her best behaviour (considering her behaviour the couple of days before it was a miracle!!!).
So that's it for today. Thank you for all your thoughts and comments it's meant a lot to know that others are thinking about us.


Julie said...

What a brave little girl, glad to hear that the operation went well.X

nocton4 said...

Wonderful news and well done you, fab Mama for holding it all together.
I think you deserve a treat.

Jem said...

Glad to hear the operation went well and that your other daughter is coping without you too. Trying times but it can only get better now from here xxxx