Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Toddler talk

Conversation number 1 – between me and Maia (almost 4)

M: "What’s that spider doing?"

Me: "I don’t know."

M: "Is he dancing?"

Me: "Yes he’s dancing."

M: "Why’s he dancing?"

Me: "I don’t know – maybe he’s practising for the spider disco!" (Forgetting that sarcasm lost on the children!)

M: "What’s a disco?"

Me: "It’s a place where you go to dance."

M: "Is he going to the spider disco?"

And on and on and on!!!!

Conversation number 2 – between me and Cassia (21months)

Cassia is sitting on the workbench whilst I’m making tea and reaches for a William Wallace figurine (why’s it there?! Well the in-laws had just returned from Edinburgh with this as a present for the girl's dad!)

C: "What Mama?"

Me: "William Wallace."

C: "William Wallace. My William Wallce."

Me: "No, Daddy's William Wallace."

Then she reaches for a medicine spoon which is there since Maia's come out of hospital

C: "Spoon Mama"

Me: "Yes, a spoon for Maia's medicine."

C: "Spoon medicine."


C: "Medicine William Wallace." Whilst doing the action of giving medicine to said William Wallace.

Me: "Yes Cassia. Are you giving medicine to William Wallace?"

C: "Yes Mama."

Now, I don’t know about you but I couldn't have imagined those conversations in a million years before I had children, but now they are just part and parcel of everyday life!


nocton4 said...

oh these made me chuckle, the riches of life

Jem said...

Perhaps mr Spider was practising for the ugly bug ball :-)