Sunday, 27 July 2008

Handmade by relatives

So since Maia’s been into hospital I haven’t touched the sewing machine – and I’ve really missed it! I was getting lots of things finished off which was very satisfying so come next week I’ll be into it again. Having seen a handmade pledge on Julie’s blog yesterday has made me really think about the things in our house. It’s funny because once an item is finished and in daily use you tend to forget about making it. So I’ve had a good look around and really noticed those items I’ve made previously and also those items handmade for us as gifts.

This beautiful little top was knitted by my sister for Cassia and was a present for her first Christmas. It was so lovely for her to wear because it is the most gorgeous soft baby wool. I had my reservations about 100% wool because I tend to throw everything into the washing machine, but as this was made with so much love I gave hand washing a shot. It was such a little item that it didn’t take a moment and came out like new.

The socks were also knitted by my sister – originally for Maia but when finished they fitted Cassia! I wish I had a pair too.

This little summer dress was made by my niece. It was started last summer and just finished this spring but fits Maia perfectly. I think I will borrow the pattern and make a couple like it.

This cardigan was knitted by my mum for Cassia but when it was finished it was somewhat too big and so Maia is now the proud owner. (There seems to be something of a theme with the sizing of handmade articles!)

The last shot is in just because it's cute! It's of Green Rabbit, the toy Maia took into hospital with her, and this is how he looked after we came out of recovery - thank you nurses!


Julie said...

What a lovely creative family you have. I LOVE those socks, I really want to give sock knitting a go one day.... It is so easy nowadays to go to the shop and buy a present, but it takes time, love and care to make something by hand!X

nocton4 said...

such lovely things, handmade with lots of love thrown in

Jem said...

What an inspiring post, such beautiful items, what a talented, creative family you have! XX