Monday, 21 July 2008

Reading material from New Zealand

We had my in-laws arrive from New Zealand at the beginning of the month. They hadn’t seen the girls for over 12 months so couldn’t believe the change in them, especially Cassia. She was 9 months when we left NZ last year and is now a walking, talking, jumping, singing 21 month old!!! Not only did they bring the girls presents but I had also put in my shopping list before they boarded the plane.

I’d never really read magazines regularly whilst in the UK but whilst resident in NZ I started reading Next and NZ House & Garden. Both of these were warmly welcomed into my home and I set out to read the July 2008 edition of NZ H&G. I don’t normally read the letters pages but did on this occasion and a lot of the letters referred to an article in the May edition. That article was about a New Zealander called Melissa Wastney who was making beautiful items from pre-loved clothing. It whetted my appetite and of course I had to find a copy of the May edition. There’s a shop behind NZ House in London called Kiwifruits The New Zealand Shop and it was only a matter of minutes before I was on the phone to them asking if they happened to have a copy left. Fortunately for me, unfortunately for my bank balance, they did and it duly arrived within a few days. Now not only could I read the article on Melissa Wastney but I had another full magazine to get my teeth into. Melissa has a lovely blog, tiny happy, which has become something of a regular read for me now. Maybe it could inspire you too!

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Ingrid said...

I suscribe to Better Homes and gardens from Australia (also Living Etc from England). My excuse is that we are building a house......... My favorite present from Australia was a whole heap of trashy magazines and some chocolate bullets. But then we have a group of English speakers here who exchange all trashy magazines so everyone can read them, even if they are months old.... I understand that magazine thing (I´m still waiting to get something like Prime Crafts, which I used to love to read when I was in England). Hope your daughter is OK in hosp.