Sunday, 20 July 2008

Maia's magic beans!

Being a first time veggie grower I guess I was a little more strict than necessary when we were sowing out the seeds. We planted a second lot of beans directly into the soil and, of course, Maia wanted to help. Well, not knowing any better I thought I should follow the instructions on the packet so kept having to tell Maia "No, it needs to go here", "No Maia, take that one out and give it to me" etc, etc. Reflecting on this that nighttime I realised that it hadn't been the fun family activity that I had envisaged. I've read about giving a child their own garden space but with very little productive land this didn't seem possible - but why not a pot? So the following day Maia filled up a big pot with compost, Maia got whatever beans out of the packet, Maia planted as many as she like how ever she liked and Maia watered them!!! Much more fun and relaxing for us both. The result:

Think we need to stake them this weekend and then sit back and wait for the harvest!

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Julie said...

Hi there I have just come across your blog. I am an English lass married to a Kiwi and living in NZ. Your grass is greener post really struck a cord with me. I had my 1st child here in NZ and when he was 1/12 we packed up and headed back home. I really wanted to be near my family and friends and also as you mentioned the shopping!! It took me absolutely ages to settle in back home and all the things that I 'thought' I didn't like about NZ were actually the things that I missed. After 3 1/2 years back in the UK and being unable to afford to buy our own home and paying ridiculous rental fee's, we decided to head back to NZ. This was just as I had gotten used to being back in the UK, now after over 2 years back here I am still not settled, but I am happy! Still miss the shopping though. Your veggie garden looks FAB by the way...X