Monday, 14 July 2008

Hello and welcome!

Having never read a blog and not really known what they were until a few weeks ago it comes as something of a surprise to be doing one of my own. Having read a few that were recommended on The Green Parent Forum and realising what a lovely medium it would be for recording our life with the girls I have now taken the plunge. I tend to be someone who wants to wait until everything is 'just right' before starting something, but since children have come along I realise that the wait could be forever. So please bear with me as I learn how to do this as I go along and of course it goes without saying that I would love to hear your comments and thoughts!

We are an English/Irish girl, a Kiwi/Dutch boy, a kiwi born little girl (nearly 4) and a pommie born little girl (21 months), and with a bit of Scottish thrown in on one side we’re somewhat of a mix! We’re currently living in the heart of England but mis
sing the coast of NZ a lot.

I had forgotten the fun of jumping in puddles until recently when, after yet another wet day, Maia and I booted up and headed outside. I thought only Maia would get wet but when I saw the look on her face whilst she was splashing and jumping in the puddles I wondered why shouldn't grown ups do it too? It was really good fun and we both had lots of laughs and huge smiles on our faces (as did the neighbours who saw us, although admittedly they were somewhat wry!).

We have the girls' grandparents visiting from New Zealand at the moment and this morning they all headed down to the newsagent to get the paper. Not only did this give me a little me time but when they returned Maia passed her hat to me and I was surprised to find a posy of flowers (and feathers!) she had picked for me. Oh the joy of being a mother!

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