Saturday, 30 August 2008

In the post this week ...

A couple of months ago I got a whole swag of craft/sewing books from the library and of course would have liked to have gone out and bought half of them! The two below have got great ideas for little scraps of fabric that are leftover and I was lucky to find them on Amazon for 23p and 28p (yes I know you have to pay for the postage but it was still a great deal!). I keep all my cut offs and scraps so it'll be great to delve into these and make some things up.

From ebay - another last minute bid and win - again only a matter of pence! I really want to try some of the motifs in fine cotton which I've never done and thought these would be a great place to start.

Some of the ladies on the GP Forum have organised a GP LETS scheme (see here for more information from the lady who was agreed to 'run' it!). I didn't want to formally join up (reasons for that will become apparent soon!) but 2 ladies did post that they'd 'quite like some crocheted hearts' !!! Wonder where they saw those then? Well I wasn't going to pass up an opportunity of a good old-fashioned swap and so contacted them both to see if they were agreeable. These hearts were sent off to a lovely lady and in exchange I'm getting some knitted bugs which are soooo cute and look soooo hard to knit

and this bunting is for a marvellous mama whose knitting me some socks - again wouldn't even know where to start on that one

and this is the yarn for the aforementioned socks.

I am so excited and I'll be sure to show all.


Jem said...

Wow, these look fabulous,no one in their right mind would turn down some of your knitted hearts, they're gorgeous xx

nocton4 said...

ahhh, just popped over to tell you have put a sock yarn picture up but looks like you've been busy already.
ohhh those hearts look fab