Friday, 4 June 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award and 10 things about me ....

Many thanks to Pippa over at When I Get The Time for this award.  She is someone I got to 'know' when I was in UK and regularly on The Green Parent Forum (for "regularly" read nearly all the time!).

Now I have to pass the award on to ten more blogs.  Find my list below, some blogs I've been reading since I first found blogland (almost 2 years ago now) and others more recent finds!


Heart Felt

Seven Stitches

The Slightly Mad Quilt Lady

Now for the 10 things about me:

1.    When I was a little girl I heard about a place in Australia where everyone lived underground.  When I was 15 I read another article about the same place and knew I wanted to go there.  I have been to Coober Pedy and it was everything I imagined and more.

2.   I have camped on a glacier in Iceland

3.   My dad owned and trained a horse that ran in the Grand National

4.   I would love to build a strawbale house

5.   I have a  much older brother and sister and was introduced to their music at a very early age.  I was probably the only 7 year old in my class to go into school on Monday  having listened to the Top 40 and knowing what was No 1

6.   I'm a pisces

7.   I met Craig on Valentine's Day

8.   I have seen an opera at The Opera House

9.   I had to go to the hospital when I was little to have a bead removed from my nose

10. I love books and I love reading and currently have 7 library memberships


Pippa said...

I love your ten things, the Grand National one was especially interesting as that's DH's job, though he trains mostly flat horses.

It's funny how you learn about certain things when you are small, never really forget about them and then visit or experience them as adults, that's very special I think and makes me wonder that some things really are our destiny.

Camping on a glacier!!! And there's me complaining that my my washing water was cold when we camped last August!! Must have been a beautiful place though.

lovestitches said...

LOL I love #9. I also am fascinated by Coober Pedy and always have been. And oh yes a strawbale house would be amazing. Thanks for the award :-) I will have to think of 10 things fit to share.

hanna said...

what an interesting list, it might take me a while to come up with 10 interesting things :)
Thanks for the award!

Heart Felt said...

A strawbale house would be must join our library next time you are in town to add to your library card collection. Thanks for the nomination. xx

ms lottie said...

Thanks for the award! I'm fascinated about the living underground thing and am going to have to google Coober Pedy.

Gina said...

Seven library memberships? That's pretty impressive! Yowzers. Thanks for the award too... love that you've been to Coober Pedy, I really really would like to see it someday. But, ya know, it's just too far (ha!).

Claire Gale said...

so i've gotta ask, who's your brother and sister? - or have i misunderstood? great post, thanks for sharing :)