Friday, 18 June 2010

The birds and the bees ......

The birds are courtesy of Maia and Cassia, made this week at the library pre-schoolers song, dance and craft morning, or as my girls call it "the dancing library"!

The bees are courtesy of me and are this month's block for the Australasian Bee.  Monika, aka Miss Monny Quilts, wanted boxy stars and sent us the fabric and the instructions.  I thought it looked a little complicated but I followed the instructions carefully and it turned out alright!

I've really enjoyed being part of the Anzac Bee and Australasian Bee this year.  In fact I've enjoyed them so much that I have just signed up for another .... The Bee Seam Piecing Downunder!  I was somewhat hesitant to join my first bee seeing as I only started quilting last October but I took the plunge and have loved every minute.  I have been challenged in the blocks I've made, both in the subject matter and in the colours.  But nothing beats the little parcels of fabric that arrive in my postbox each month - it's wonderful!!!  So if you've been thinking about and haven't signed up just yet ..... GO AND DO IT!!!!!  If you're looking for a bee to join try over here.  If they all seem full at the moment keep popping back because people are starting up new ones all the time.  Happy sewing! x


Lola Nova said...

Great little birds! I like your block, it turned out really well. I haven't done much patchwork in the last few years, I used to be obsessed for a time but, I have a wee project that has been niggling away at me, now if I can just find the time.

I love, love your bathroom blind, it is spectacular!

nocton4 said...

love the birds and your blocks are stunning, so good to find you again xx