Saturday, 26 June 2010

A wonderful swap ...

The great thing about blogging is finding people who make things you like and who are happy to swap their things for your things!

This was only my second swap and I love them.  That reminds me that I must show my first swap to you because I was very, very lucky (when I received it my computer had died a horrible death and was in the shop all week!).

So how did it happen?  The lovely Nova, over at a cuppa and a catch up, mentioned that she liked my rainbow bunting and I know how much I liked her pincushions so I asked if she would like to swap.  I felt a little cheeky  but luckily she loved the idea.  She gave me the choice of what I wanted (how cool is that?) but I said I would love a surprise.  And what a surprise it was!

How cool is that?!!!!!!

And the back's wonderful as well.

It is sitting very proudly right next to my machine with just the 3 pins in!  I have to let you in on a little secret - in all the years I have sewn I have never had a pincushion.  So now I have - and what a pincushion it is!

Thanks so much Nova - do you get the idea that I L.O.V.E. it?!!!!!!! xx

PS I'm totally open to the idea of swaps - for TOTALLY OPEN read WOULD DEARLY LIKE TO DO MORE SWAPS!!!  So if anyone sees anything they like maybe you'd like to do a swap - I know I certainly would.  Let me know! x


Tammy James said...

Oh its gorgeous! I pulled out some fabric for a scrappy pin cushion tonight! I'm seeing so many cuties around I have to have a go. We are cooking up a pin cushion swap at the Down to Earth Forums that will start soon if you are interested

I wanna be creative said...

GREAT pincushion! Loving the regular posting as well - I made some Annabel Karmel oaty choc chip things yesterday - pretty much raw inside, hurrumph.

Nova said...

thanks for the swap Abi, I love my bunting as you know ;)

Amy Seven-Stitches said...

That looks awesome. I'd be keen for a swap. I will have to look into tammy's pincushion swap too.

Gina said...

LOVE the pincushion. Hex obsessed woman that I am. Swaps are great... I'm scratching my head thinking about what I could possibly make you though!