Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Learning something new ...

I love learning new things.  It's especially great when the raw materials are from your garden, you go to a friend's to learn, children and grown ups learn together, you share some food and you come away with something very pretty!

Freshly harvested harakeke leaves (flax leaves)

Flax flower

Close up of flax flower - so easy - when you know how!

Raranga, or flax weaving, is a traditional Maori custom.  They used it for the everyday to the ceremonial and there are lots of traditions and customs that go with it.  One tradition I learnt today is that each time you try a different type of weaving the item you make should be given away.  So the flower in the middle is my second attempt, on the right is Maia's first attempt (she didn't want to give hers away at all!) and on the left is my first attempt at simple weaving - which I have to find a recipient for!

If you're interested in seeing more images of flax weaving click here.  So many beautiful things to make so little time to do it!!! x

EDITED TO ADD:  The flax flowers are actually called putiputi and there's a tutorial over here if you fancy making one.  xx


Sarah said...

Lovely! Hope you find a worthy participant!

Sarah said...

Obviously I meant recipient!!!!

angelina said...

those are so beautiful, excellent weaving! i got my fabulous bunting in the mail today!! i just love the way you wrapped it, a triangle in the post! its hanging up in the kitchen, i'll blog it soon...i love it thank you again so so so much. you're my kinda lady!
ps. can you share how you made them? i'd love to make my friend one!

Damfe said...

Wow! what a beautiful work you did!!!
I have two "Phormium"in my garden, they are well adapted to our mediterranean weather conditions. I'd always loved it but doesn't know that it was a New Zealand plant...
Kind regards from Menorca Island (Spain)