Saturday, 26 June 2010

The last couple of days .....

have produced a lot of highs and a few lows!

On Thursday morning Cassia woke me up with this beautiful picture:

"Mummy, it's you and friends when you went to Fairyland when you were younger.  You went over the rainbow.  That's a cricket ant on the rainbow.  He just slides around."  HIGH.

Spending Thursday morning on my own with Maia - going into the city, to the library and out to lunch.  HIGH.

I decided to bake and thought I could improve the standard ANZAC biscuit by adding sultanas and chocolate chips.  You would have thought it would work right?

It didn't!  But that could also be due to the fact that butter goes from "melt slowly" to "boil vigourously" very quickly - whoops!  Oh and did I mention they burnt a little in the oven too?!  LOW!

Being invited out by some girls and sharing a bottle of wine with them.  Feeling like I'm part of the real world again - definitely a HIGH.

Cassia wanting to sleep with me on Thursday night.  It could have been a HIGH but it definitely turned into a LOW when she was unsettled all night and I hardly got any sleep.

Feeling so tired on Friday was a LOW but sitting on the sofa with the girls and doing some crochet was a HIGH.

Receiving this delightful pincushion from Nova HIGH, HIGH, HIGH!

Figuring out an easy crochet flower pattern and being able to turn one:

into a bouquet even in a sleep induced stupor.  HIGH

Husband deciding to do some jobs that needed doing around the house.  HIGH.

Husband causing a huge water leak and not knowing where the stopcock was - so, so LOW!

Getting a knock on the door at 5.30pm and being invited to play hooky with two girlfriends by going for a coffee.  A much needed HIGH. xx


Hien said...

Hi Little Grubs!

Love your blog! I've selected you as one of the receivers for my Mouse softie! please email me your mail details so I can deliver the softie to you :)


LeelaBijou said...

So many nice and high things! How wonderful! :)

Lola Nova said...

Sounds like your average family peaks and valleys, though I do like the fact that there were many more highs than lows. I love that picture!

Will be posting about your bunting tomorrow. I love it! It's been seen in a couple of featured spots in the cottage so far. I now have it in a place where I can see it as soon as I walk in the door.

michelle@midgeandjudy said...

looks like the highs outweighed the lows, always a good thing. yay for girlfriends with wine and coffee

hanna said...

well there's more highs than lows there, so that's a good thing. LOVE the drawing!! that's definately a keeper :)

Pippa said...

Lot's more highs than lows, which is as it should be! I love the crochet photos, one day I will learn how to crochet neatly!!