Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Keeping necks and pencils (!!) warm ...

I've wanted to make some neck warmers for a while now and used the market as the reason!  The prototype was made for Maia and she loves it so I thought I would make some more to sell.  The outside patchwork is from cotton from thrifted or offcut material and it is lined with flannette cotton, again thrifted.  They are finished with a vintage button from my stash!

Thumbs up from Maia and I love them for the reason that they keep little necks warm with no worries about long scarf ends flying around and getting trapped ....  In fact I think I'll make one up in adult size for me next week!

Some patchwork pencil cases made up from vintage sheets and pillowcases.  Again I made some for the girls a couple of months ago and they have had great reviews, from the girls and their friends - so here's hoping!

And now for a photo that makes me very happy.  After bemoaning to and commiserating with fellow bloggers over the phenomenon that is detailed below I was very happy to get this snap.

The phenomenon as experienced by this crafty mama, although I think you will all have a variety on the theme!
  • Mum decides to make something for child

  • Child likes the idea of having something made just for them
  • Mum feels good that she is making something for them
  • Mum finishes the something
  • Child looks at the something as if it is a monster/disgusting/cat poo (delete as appropriate)
  • Child will not try the something on
  • Mum bribes child to try the something on so they can get a photo
  • Either bribery fails and the photo is taken sans child or bribery works but the photo is ruined by child's face

So for the detail:

Maia, on the left, is wearing a hat I crocheted for her over 2 years ago.  In fact this item is an exception to the phenomenon mentioned above, she has always loved it.  She's also wearing the new patchwork neck warmer made last week.

Cassia, on the right, is wearing a neck warmer I crocheted her last year (the matching beanie is still in the wardrobe but with the temps right down low now I better get it out!).

The other reason I love this photo - my two girls are together - usually when the camera comes out they run as far from each other as possible! x

PS Don't forget the giveaway I'm running to celebrate my first ever market!


Gina said...

I absolutely adore both the neck warmers and the little pencil cases. You make the most gorgeous stuff (including children). Sigh. Must check whether I've entered your giveaway!

Ange said...

and the awesome gumboots!! As much as I hate being cold, and the almost-constant rain and gloom that's going on now, I just love seeing Sweeney decked out in his hat and mittens and scarf and gumboots ...