Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Cushions al fresco!

The sun was actually shining today so I took the cushions out for some air!

These fronts were made after Viv's month on the Australasian Bee, click here for a squizz.  Finally got backs and zips done and we now have cushions.  The zips was a huge "yippee" for me - they're really not as hard as I thought .... no, really they weren't!

Maia's handprint finally made up into a cushion

Cassia's handprint finally made up into a wall hanging

These two handprint blocks, which were made back here, are now finally finished.  The girls love them which is the main thing!

And finally a ta-da moment!!!!  Remember this?  Well I then went on to make one for myself, see over here.  I was pretty pleased with how the front came out but restrained myself from showing it.  Well now please excuse the lack of restraint.   I love it, I LOVE it, I L.O.V.E. it -d o you get the picture?

This makes me so happy.  A bit like Nova feels about  this quilt (and who wouldn't be happy with that?!)  then this makes me happy.  Really happy.  And next week I hope to make another one to go with it, and then maybe another and another ....

So how does this link into the market?  I'm obviously not selling my new love however, I thought if I liked them so much ... then maybe someone else would like them too ...  and ... maybe that someone would like me to make them one ... and ... maybe they would like to pay me to do it!  Do you think it's a possibility? xx


hanna said...

wow, you're making some great stuff for your market, love your fabric choices!

Kelly said...

They all look fabulous!!!
I would definitely give the cushions a go at the market!

Gina said...

I have serious sewing-skill envy right now Abi, everything you are making is so beautiful and superbly finished. I'm sorry if I'm being a bit of a blog stalker and commenting on all your posts like a loser fan, but, well, I'm a loser fan! Make those cushions for your market, woman!

Little Kiwi Chick said...

Ooh, I love those cushions! The colours are perfect! :o)

Pippa said...

Those cushions are really beautiful. Definitely give the cushions a go at the market!!

Becky said...

I still think zips must be hard... Maybe I should give one a go?