Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Aaaaarggghh .... I've now got 'it'!

So Maia had 'it' first and she passed 'it' onto Cassia who has had 'it' for 10 days and now I've got 'it'. What is 'it'? A horrible, snotty, achy cold! I had woken up with a sore throats every day last week but managed to keep it at bay but it's now here in full on strength. We're heading off on the big bird 3 weeks tomorrow and there's still soooooooo much to do. Any tips for getting rid of it quickly?!!!!!!


Julie said...

Raw garlic if you can stomach it and lot's of freshly sqeezed lemon in hot water with a Huge spoon of Manuka honey (make sure it is the Active kind at lest +5). Of course bed rest is also recommended, but how likely is that??

I really hope that you are feeling better soon. I know how you feel I had a stomach bug last week, first Talia had it then Kalem, then my turn. No lying around for me though still up 4 times in the night to feed Lola, getting kids off to school, baking for the school fair. Seriously sometimes it is hard being a mum. Hope you find a few minutes to put your feet up......... sending you happy, healthy, get better soon vibes..X

Little Grubs said...

Bed rest? What's that?!!!!! x