Friday, 12 September 2008

A happy handmade birthday!

Vintage cards for a 4 year old? Well of course these weren’t sent to Maia this year but to me in 1976!!!! Now if you didn’t believe I come from a family of hoarders, who I really must blog about one day soon, you might now! I was over at my mum’s the other week and was looking through one of her old sewing boxes and came across these – how cool is it that I have these?

So Maia turned 4 on Tuesday and what a day we had. Monday night was spent baking cup cakes for her to take into pre-school. She was so excited about going in with her tin of cakes but was very worried that no-one would know it was her birthday. When I said she could tell them she replied ‘no, it’s a secret!’ – childhood logic for you!.

She opened her presents first, many handmade of course!, and seemed very, very happy with them.

You may all recognise these from previous posts – but they were just what she wanted! The pink gluing picture is one that Maia made for herself 'It's for my birthday mummy'

We had planned to go to the Cotswold Wildlife Park which I know both littlies would have loved but due to the rather inclement weather we have been having (and that really is an understatement but I tried very hard not to mention this topic!!!!) we decided to go to the Butterfly Farm, which I will blog about another day because it was sooooo cool, but I am really tired now!

The birthday girl singing and dancing in the rain

Out for tea, which is a really special treat, and then home for bath, books and bed – both girls were asleep in 5 minutes!

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Jem said...

A beautiful picture of a gorgeous birthday girl xxxxx