Sunday, 7 September 2008

Finished work and WIP

Well it's about time that I finally put up some more things I've been working on. Since starting to read blogs I have found a common theme - everyone seems to have many projects on the go and very often starts new things when they've vowed they won't until some of the old ones are finished! Now the term WIP, work in progress, I am very familiar with since I have an engineering background, but I especially like the term WISP, work in slow progress, which I saw for the first time here! I think it so accurately describes what's in my cupboards!
First I thought I'd do something with the hearts I've been making - so I turned them into a little girl's bag. It was a hit with Maia so I thought we'd give this one to her little friend whose party we went to yesterday, which means I now have to make another one for Maia before her birthday on Tuesday!

We spent a bit of time in the week sorting out all of my buttons. The girls love doing that and whilst they were so engrossed in it I thought I'd have a quick go at something. You know when you have these ideas and you spend time thinking, preparing and then finally doing them and for what? The end result is nothing like what's in you rhead and you wish you'd spent the time doing something more productive instead. I have many of these situations, so this time I thought I would just do it. Now the photo's not great but it does look nice and would look great put in a little frame - and then I see the huge crease right through the middle - aaaaaarghhhhh! However it only took a few minutes so will have to try again getting properly organised next time!

Now I can't say this is totally finished but all I have to do is stitch on the flower - one of today's jobs! I modified the pattern that I used to make this one and I have to say the fit is much better. I also found that halfway through it fitted Maia just perfectly so will have to get some made for children.

This is a work in progress. I had been to the wool shop and picked up some lovely cotton on special not really knowing what I was going to use it for but you never pass up a bargain! A few days later I was was looking through an old pattern book of my mum's and saw a lovely bedspread with this design. Now I'm not quite up to doing a bedspread at the moment but thought a smaller version would be great for my next blanket to donate to Cuddles.

Now this isn't strictly WIP but it's certainly helping me to get them finished! I was over at my mum's and saw this beautiful 'sewing/knitting bag' (I don't know if they've got a proper name) and it was just sitting in a cupboard! When I said how nice it was mum asked me if I'd like it - yes! It belonged to my great aunt and it's just beautiful and so functional too. It's got pockets inside to put all your little bits and pieces - I don't lose my scissors anymore!

And last, but certainly not least, is a bracelet my mum made. Having seen the one I knitted here she decided to have a go but crocheted it. She also has a formidable stash of buttons, seuqin, beads (in fact anything to do with any type of craft!) so was able to finish it with really striking embellishments. My nieces were around on the same day that I saw it and we were all fighting for it because it looks awesome on - who won? My mum!


sweetp said...

I love that heart bag!! Gorgeous

Jem said...

Lovely things, I wish I was as clever as you x

Heart Felt said...

Wow, you are very busy! Love the fabric on the knitting bag (knitting bag envy) xx

Julie said...

Oh my goodness, who's been a busy girl???? What FAB things, the little bag is soooo cute, what a great birthday present. I am so jealous of your knitting bag, I always have my eye out for one just like that at the op shops. Haven't found one yet, but gonna keep looking. Love your mum's bracelet too, it's cool to see a different version! X

Anonymous said...

Oh hearts hearts hearts! My fav. LOVE it. Nice to see another crafty engineer too.

I have a craft bag like that as well, though mine isn't as pretty and has zero sentimental value, since I bought it for $3 at a garage sale. Hmm, another project maybe to recover it.

WISP, must remember that one :D

Anonymous said...

Wow, amazing! You're very talented =]

Amy said...

You've been so busy. I am impressed. The knitting bag looks delightful - they are so handy. I'm pleased to see someone else from an engineering background. I think there might be a few of us out there.

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.