Tuesday, 2 September 2008

People never fail to amaze me

Just had to share two amazing things that happened over the last couple of days.

I have got to know a lady through freecycle - she has picked up a fair few things that I've offered and has kindly dropped a few things into our house too. So on Sunday whilst clearing things for the Zero Waste Pledge she came to pick up a clothese airer. We had 2 bottles of red wine lying around too and since neither of us drink the stuff I thought I'd ask her if she'd like them - she did!!!! Well the following day I got a lovely thank you from her and she said she had been wondering what she could do for us - she's planning on brining the girls something back from France AND she offered us the use of the place they are renovating in rural France for a week for free!!! I was totally overwhelmed - what a great offer and what a great lady!
The other concerns my two little angels, because that is what they were all day long yesterday. The two of them played all day long really happily with no arguments!!!!! They started in the morning going through our whole day with Maia being mummy and Cassia, well being herself!, and then it progressed to playing nursery where all the babies, and again Cassia, were babies at the nursery and Maia was Miss Laurie and I was the grandmother! And then to playing with their toys - really interacting and helping each other. Miracles do happen!


Jem said...

A day without arguments? Sounds fabulous!! XX

Julie said...

oooooo tell me your secrets..... Happy non-arguing children, oh how I wish that I could be the one writing that post!!!!!!

Wow lucky you a week free in France, how cool, are you going to go? What goes around comes around for sure hey...X