Thursday, 11 September 2008

What a lucky girl I am

Following on from my post They say things happen in 3s ....... this is three good things that happened today:
I knew these were coming - 41 Golden Hands Encyclopedia of Crafts booklets - a snip at 99p on ebay (of course there was the postage but we'll keep quiet about that!)
As printed on the front cover HOW TO PUT YOUR LEISURE HOUTS TO MORE CREATIVE AND MORE PROFITABLE USE - don't you love it?

These were delivered to me by a lovely lady from freecycle after I posted a wanted for sundae dishes/banana splits

Now, I know they are plastic and I know they are garish - but aren't they just the thing for a little girl's party?
And finally, a totally lucky event which puts meaning into the saying being in the right place at the right time

I was on my way to pick up Maia from pre-school this afternoon and passed a couple working in their garden. The house is just around the corner from us and I had noticed the beautiful lavender every time I passed. It took the trip into town to assimilate what was going on but on the way back we stopped and politely asked what they were doing with all the lavender they were cutting - nothing!!!!! Can you believe our luck - you can't see the scale on the photo but there's heaps and they were so happy to give it to us. I feel a homemade card winging its way to them!


Julie said...

Looks like you have a few hours of crafty reading ahead of you! Love those ice cream bowls, pudding is gonna be FUN at your house!!! Good score with the Lavender, Our Lavender bush in the garden is just starting to produce the most goreous purple flowers....I LOVE Lavender...X

sweetp said...

I LOVE lavender too. Lucky you!

Little Grubs said...

You can just tell that those booklets are going to feature heavily in this blog!! x

Jem said...

Wow lucky lucky you! XXX